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Swiss loan offers over 3500 USD.

Who grants a Swiss loan of $ 3500? The search in advertising for Credit Bureau-free loans from Switzerland almost without exception leads to a credit broker. The article deals with the direct offer for a Swiss loan and the alternatives.

Swiss loan over 3500 USD – the Credit Bureau-free international loan

Swiss loan over 3500 USD - the Credit Bureau-free international loan

With a normal credit rating, 3500 USD credit is not a big affair. For most people, the overdraft facility is sufficient to quickly hold this loan amount in their hands. Refinancing will later be made on the direct loan of a direct bank. Credit comparison calculators show the way to cheap loan offers. It is different if the proof of creditworthiness cannot simply be provided by a clean Credit Bureau and good scoring. The loan search becomes a gauntlet run.

A Swiss loan of over 3500 USD can be the redeeming liquidity injection in this difficult financial situation. Credit Bureau-free loan offers can be found through newspapers or online advertising. Very annoying for many prospective customers, only credit brokerage companies advertise foreign loans without Credit Bureau and domestic loans despite a bad Credit Bureau. Unfortunately, the offers of the brokers are very difficult to compare. Particularly deterrent – the reputation of the credit mediation industry is bad due to numerous scandals.

There are also costs. Anyone who is in a financial tight spot naturally wants to avoid any avoidable expense. A reputable credit broker collects his success commission, even if only after successful credit brokerage. Nobody should carelessly ignore advantages that speak for the use of a reputable loan brokerage offer. More on that later.

As far as is known, a Swiss loan of USD 3500 is only offered by a single credit bank. It is Lite Lender Company from Liechtenstein. There are therefore no real options without Credit Bureau.

3500 USD Swiss loan terms

3500 USD Swiss loan terms

A Swiss loan without Credit Bureau can be applied for for two loan amounts. 3500 USD credit and 5000 USD credit are offered. If you apply directly, an effective annual interest rate of 11.62 percent will be charged for a Swiss loan of 3500 USD. The annual percentage rate includes the processing costs of 164 USD and the interest for the agreed term.

If the loan is repaid properly within the fixed term of 40 months, the total interest costs amount to 574 USD. (Borrowing rate 8.33 percent annually). For the loan variant with 5000 USD credit, 224 USD processing costs and 830 USD interest are payable. (Borrowing rate 8.44 percent annually).

A total of 4238 USD will be repaid for a 3500 USD loan without Credit Bureau. In the loan variant with a 5000 USD loan, 6054 USD are repayable. Additional costs that are not recognized in the APR may result from external costs. Third-party costs are to be paid for the credit intermediary, the cash payment or the necessary certification costs, for example.

Even a Swiss loan cannot do without a credit check. The creditworthiness is not checked by the Credit Bureau insight, but by looking into the public debt register. Anyone who has submitted the EV, is in the process of bankruptcy or is looking for an arrest warrant will therefore not receive a Swiss loan. Different advertising is either fictitious or refers to very dubious sources of credit. If you follow this advertisement, you are at least taking a big risk of only having additional costs instead of a loan.

Without Credit Bureau – direct loan application or intermediary?

Without Credit Bureau - direct loan application or intermediary?

The largest item in third-party fees usually relates to the service of the credit intermediary. The agent’s fee rates are inconsistent. The average guideline value is around three percent of the loan amount. A Swiss loan over 3500 USD therefore costs a little more than 100 USD agency fees.

It is up to you to decide for yourself whether it is advisable to bypass the fees and make a direct loan application. The cost advantage of applying directly can sometimes be put into perspective very quickly. Unclear information or missing documents can unnecessarily prolong credit processing. These risks can at least be excluded through a reputable credit intermediary.

Also to be considered: Through targeted help, it is often possible to find not only a Swiss loan of over 3,500 USD, but also a loan despite Credit Bureau. It may be possible to choose from different loan offers.

If the loan application is rejected, it is not advisable to start the credit attempt again immediately via a credit broker. As far as is known, all reputable credit intermediaries for Swiss loans over USD 3500 refer exclusively to the Liechtenstein loan. The loan rejection is now saved there. Even a reputable credit broker, such as Spin Lender, cannot help for the next six months.

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